Dhyan Murti

Dhyan Murti

Sep 09, 2013

In the 15th Vachanamrut of Gadhda Pratham Prakaran, Lord Swaminarayan encourages Dhyan (Meditation) maintaining Shradha (Faith consciousness). No matter how long it takes to perfect, a Devotee should never be discouraged from performing Dhyan. Furthermore, In the 12th Vachanamrut of Kariyani, Lord Swaminarayan speaks about Dhyan as fire which burns the desires of the Karan Sareera (Fundamental Body) by elaborating through an example of a tamarind seed and the process of separating its skin. 

It is an amazing way for the Soul to connect with the Super-Soul (The Supreme Personality) and experience the everlasting transcendental bliss. 

Start your Dhyan from the Charnarvind (Feet) onwards to the Lord’s Mukharvind (Face) experiencing the indescribable beauty that even infinite cupids (Kaam Deva) are unable to match. Also learn how to refer to the Lords divine Angs (Body parts).

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