Wailing Of The Members Of The Family

Wailing Of The Members Of The Family

Jan 18, 2017

It was morning. Suvasinibai was first to wake up. She had a habit of looking at the face of the beloved brother-in-law as soon as she got up, and then would start the household work.

But the beloved brother-in-law could not be seen. She was afraid. The elder brother RamaPratap also suddenly got up. He said, “It seems that Ghanshyam has gone to bathe in the river so early. He will come.”

Hours passed but Ghanshyam could not be seen. Ghanshyam’s friends began to search for Ghanshyam. Every nook and corner of all the temples of the village was searched. The distant search on the river-bank was conducted. But alas! Ghanshyam was not found any where. There was no limit to the elder brother’s sorrow. He wept and wailed: “O Ghanshyam, come back. I promise never to scold you.”

Suvasinibai was turning mad due to sorrow. On seeing Ghanshyam’s shoes, cap, and cradle, she started to cry with the deepest feelings. “Please come home and forgive us,” said Suvasinibai, “without you how will our days pass.”

Ghanshyam had not replied to his sister-in-law at that time. After many long years, with the wish of Shriji Maharaj, saints arrived at the house of Suvasinibai. That is when they felt that God is very merciful. God never forgets His devotees.


Can you answer the following:
(a) After Ghanshyam had left his home, who felt sorrow for Bal-Ghanshyam ?
(b) How did Suvasinibai remember her beloved brother-in-law ?
(c) Why did RamPratapbhai say that he would never scold Ghanshyam?
(d) When did the wailing of the members of the family members end ? When did they start feeling joy in place of sorrow ?

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